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Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate

Calcium nitrate consists of nitrogen nitrate and calcium ion. Calcium nitrate is one of the most widely used calcium salts and due to its high solubility in water, unlike other common calcium compounds, it has many uses.

One of the most vital applications of this substance is its use in sewage treatment plants for the pre-treatment of sewage in order to prevent the emission of bad odors.

Another important application of this compound is in the construction industry. In the construction industry, this chemical compound is used as part of concrete accelerator additives.

It is also used in latex production and is widely used as a coagulant, especially in the immersion step of the production process.

It is used as a fertilizer in agriculture and as an oxidizing agent in match making.

Also, this chemical compound is widely used in the explosives and fireworks industries. It is also used to make firework chimneys and incandescent lamps in light industries.


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Calcium nitrate

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