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Tartaric acid

Tartaric acid

It is a type of fruit acid derived from grapes. Tartaric acid is widely used in the food industry. The main properties and applications of tartaric acid can be mentioned as follows:

Sour property

As mentioned above, the main use of this substance is in the food industry. For example, this material, which has a lot of sour properties, can be used in the production of sour candies.

Beverage flavoring

Among its other uses, it is used as the main flavoring in drinks and fruit juices with grape flavor.

honey packaging

In the process of packing natural honey produced by beekeepers, it is used in small amounts in order not to precipitate the compounds in honey due to sudden temperature changes.

Food preservative

In addition to the mentioned uses, this material is also used for another major use, and that is as a preservative in food. This substance increases the acidity of the solution and is used as an antimicrobial agent to prevent food spoilage. It is also useful in juices to balance the amount of sugar/acid.


Tartaric acid plays an important role in the production of baking powder, which is used as a bulking agent in confectionaries and bakeries. This substance reacts with sodium bicarbonate to produce carbon dioxide gas, which will increase the volume of the dough.

pharmaceutical Industries:

Due to its acidic and balancing properties, tartrate salt is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce digestive drugs, neutralizing and balancing stomach acid.



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Tartaric acid

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