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Bulk Urea Suppliers & Distributors

Urea is carbonic acid’s diamide. It has the formula H2NCONH2. In all mammals and certain fish, the primary nitrogenous byproduct of protein metabolism is urea. Mammals not only have it in their urine, but also in their blood, bile, milk, and sweat.
In addition to being a starting ingredient for the production of polymers and medications, urea finds extensive use as a fertilizer and feed additive. It is a crystalline, colorless material that melts at 132.7°C (271°F) and breaks down before boiling. Farzamtejarat Bulk Urea suppliers keep up a strong supply network to ensure that our premium urea is consistently available.

Quality Urea Distributors in Bulk

Urea is used as a fertilizer, feed supplement, and raw ingredient for the production of polymers and pharmaceuticals. Because UREA is a strong source of nitrogen, it is a useful fertilizer for increasing crop yields and encouraging plant development in agriculture. Its slow-release nitrogen characteristic minimizes nutrient loss through leaching or volatilization and assures a continuous delivery of nutrients to plants over an extended period of time. Additionally, UREA serves as a buffering agent, assisting in the maintenance of ideal treatment conditions by stabilizing pH levels in a variety of applications, including water treatment procedures.

As a precursor in chemical synthesis, Bulk Urea suppliers make it possible to produce a wide range of compounds, such as resins, polymers, and medicines. Thus, it improves the productivity and adaptability of industrial processes. Compared to certain alternative compounds, it shows relatively low toxicity and environmental effects, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly solution for a variety of applications. Its ease of integration into industrial and agricultural processes further adds to its appeal as a flexible and advantageous compound. It is also compatible with current infrastructure and procedures.

Bulk Order From Urea Suppliers

Farzamtejarat UREA’s special chemical qualities and advantages make it useful in a wide range of sectors. UREA is a very efficient nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture that increases crop yields by giving plants the nutrients they need to flourish. Its slow-release nitrogen characteristic minimizes nutrient loss through leaching or volatilization and assures a continuous supply of nutrients to plants over time, hence lowering the need for regular fertilization.

Furthermore, UREA functions as a buffering agent, assisting in the stabilization of soil pH levels and enhancing growth conditions for plants. Urea suppliers provide it for industrial settings to treat water by adjusting pH levels and preserving ideal conditions for different treatment techniques. In chemical synthesis, it also acts as a precursor, making it possible to produce resins, polymers, medicines, and other substances. UREA’s usefulness is further increased by its interoperability with current systems and procedures, which makes it easy to incorporate into industrial and agricultural processes.

Leading Bulk Urea Suppliers in Farzamtejarat

Farzamtejarat places a high priority on supplying urea at very high purity levels, guaranteeing that your animals and crops get the right amount of nitrogen for good growth and development. Bulk urea suppliers carefully grind our urea to produce granules of a constant size that disperse and dissolve in water or soil with equal consistency. This means that your plants and animals will absorb nutrients to the fullest.

Also, we are aware that the amount of nitrogen required by various crops and animals varies. Whether you need a sustained-release formula for long-term sustenance or a quick-release alternative for early growth, we provide a range of urea grades and formulas to meet your unique demands. Our group of experts in agriculture is committed to being at the forefront of development and research. We make sure that our urea manufacturing follows the most recent developments in science for agricultural benefits.


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Urea, a vital nitrogenous compound, fuels agricultural productivity as a potent fertilizer, enhancing crop yield and quality. In healthcare, it treats dermatological conditions and aids in topical hydration. Industrial applications utilize urea in plastics, adhesives, and textiles, showcasing its versatility and indispensable role across various sectors.


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