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Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide

Round zinc oxide is white to gray in color, odorless and bitter taste, insoluble in water and alcohol and soluble in alkalis and acids. This material is non-combustible and semi-conductive. As an amphoteric substance, zinc oxide reacts with acids such as hydrochloric acid and produces zinc salts, and with bases it produces zincates.

The most important consumption of zinc oxide is in the rubber industry, which is used as an activating agent in rubber vulcanization. In the paint industry, it is used in the preparation of white pigment, for the production of oil paint for home use, and for protecting equipment against radiation and air.


In the glass and ceramic industry, it is used to prepare glaze and enamel, and in porcelain, it increases their luster and makes them more shiny. They use a mixture of iron and zinc oxide in the electronics industry. In agriculture, it is used in the preparation of chemical fertilizers and in animal husbandry as an additive in animal feed. In the preparation of lotions, creams and sunscreens, zinc oxide, in addition to absorbing UV rays, creates a shiny white color. Zinc oxide is used as a catalyst in the production of methanol.


Also, zinc oxide is used in the preparation of baby powder, ointment to speed up the healing of wounds and burns, wound plasters, toothpaste and tooth filling materials, diet drugs and vitamin tablets to supply the zinc needed by the body. Zinc oxide is used in plastic, textile, cement, paper and pharmaceutical industries.


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Zinc oxide

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